4 Most Important Factors To Consider When Selecting Eyeglass Frames

Whether you need doctor-prescribed glasses or you want to wear them just for style, it is important that wearing them makes you look good. When it comes to frames, the choices are many. While you do not need to be a fashion expert in choosing the right one, some amount of knowledge would make sure that you choose the right one.

There are only a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing eyeglass frames and they are:
Shape of Your Face
One of the primary factors to consider is the shape of your face. If you choose a frame based on your face shape, no one can stop you from looking good.

Round Face
Opt for frames that are square or rectangular. Such frames would make your face appear slimmer and longer, thereby you enhancing your look.
Oval Face
Some frames come with a strong bridge suits oval faces. These usually are geometric in shape and are wider than the widest part of your face.

Square Face
Frames that sit high on the bridge of the nose are what suits square faces the most. You can choose between oval or round eyeglass frames, as these would balance your appearance.

Diamond Face
A very rare face shape, diamond-shaped faces are narrow towards the jaw line and eye line and have prominent cheekbones. In order to enhance your look with a frame, you would need one that highlights your eyes and softens your cheekbones. Rimless frames and cat-eye shaped frames are great choices for you.
If your face is in the shape of an oblong, frames with more depth and less width are what you should be looking for. You can choose frames that come with contrasting or decorative temples as that would make your face look wider.

Heart-shaped Face
When your chin is narrow while the forehead is wide, you need a frame to balance this. Choose square or round frames that have curved edges.

Skin Tone
The next factor that you need to consider is your skin tone or complexion. The color of the frame should match your skin tone. Many eyeglasses online stores give you many color options to choose from and you can consider buying from such stores.

If you have warm skin tone, stay from frames with pastel shades. Black and white frames would not be good either. Opt for colors like brown, beige, gold, olive green etc.

On the other hand, if you have cool skin tones, opt for colors like mauve, gray, purple, pink, tortoise, or silver.

These are two most important factors that you need to keep in mind. When choosing womens prescription glasses and men’s eyeglass frames, lifestyle is another factor that needs to considered. Do you need gaming glasses or are you looking for inexpensive prescription sunglasses? Alternatively, do you need a frame that is sturdy? The best eye online glasses store would offer you all along with services like eyeglass frame repair etc.


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